Create Memes like never before

Appeet-style editor bar
Saving the memes
Can do LOLCats
Full Screen View in Mac OS X Lion
Works with Snow Leopard as well

NEW Features:
Removed Six-Frame due to simplicity made in other apps
LOLCat Version 2
Fakebook - make FAKE Facebook posts and comments!
Sirism - make FAKE Siri responses!

Version 2 IS HERE

App Reviews (Version 1):

By Yoshi Hi (Facebook):

I am very impressed with the simplicity of LOLPalm in making memes. Just edit some text boxes and image wells, and poof, you have your very own meme. It can just be made in minutes! LOLPalm has uniquely used rotators used for angles to change the position and the sizes of images ect, making then seem like using the crank and the handle.

Pior to the alpha release, however, simplicity has pulled down the usage from users who wish to make it professional. There is no font change, no effects can be made to the pictures and on the top right corner lays a very annoying and unremovable "Produced with LOLPalm" text. This makes it very limiting to create professional memes for 9gag for example. Also, although it may have been fixed, there seems to be some features that are unresponsive (non-gradient does not work) and the border of the pictures outputted are with static. The UI may seem overwhelming to new users and some common settings are hard to find.

It is a free app however, and that is a lot of good features for one. If Appeet can make it more professional and make the UI less bulky (maybe edit through the preview window?), this app may become the ideal one for making memes for both the basic and advanced users. This is indeed a unique idea from using Photoshop and other image-editing programs.

Quality: 7/10 (Not so professional as we expect)
UI: 6/10 (Too bulky)
Usage: 8/10 (Very simple)
Flexibility: 5/10 (You have to stick with the fonts)
Learning curve: 6/10 (Very hard-to-find settings)

Average: 6/10 (Okay) 

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